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Thread: IFS3-08 v0.95 Download

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    IFS3-08 v0.95 Download


    Originally released on rFactor 2 in 2013, the IFS3 mod is a fantasy open wheel series inspired by the real life Formula 3 series style of racing. It features fast pace single seater action with a number of engine types and a full grid of vehicles to pit your skills against.


    v0.95 - Released 24/06/2015

    Mediafire - Click Here
    Uploaded - Click Here

    v0.95 Changelog

    • Fixed issues with fbx exporter export, on Body.
    • Fixed corruption in persistance file.
    • Final Fix to Rear Rim Blur.
    • New skin by formulaHEINE added.
    • Body maps moved into skins folder for more skinning flexibility.

    v0.94 Changelog
    • Drivetrain correction.

    v0.93 Changelog
    • Fixed Rear Wing graphical bug.

    v0.92 Changelog
    • Visual camber added to front wheels and animations.
    • Material Adjustments.
    • Texture Changes.
    • Rim blur issue fixed.
    • Physics updated.
    • Sounds re-instated.
    • New driver animation.
    • Fixed RPM Bar background on Steering Wheel.
    • Dirt levels adjusted.

    The Team

    Production Management & QA: Petros Mak
    3D Model: Koen Calleyl
    UV Map: Lukasz Kacprzykowski
    2D Textures: Doug Parker, Carlos Frau, Jack Hintz, Derek Nye, (new skin added v0.95 by formulaHEINE)
    In-game Specialist: Stephen Young (Liquid4653)
    Physics: Anonymous
    Sounds: Alvaro Perez

    We hope you enjoy the mod!

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    v0.62 of the IFS3 mod for AC has just been released. This update fixes a problem with the rear tires that wasn't showing the right temperature data in the tyre app. It also fixed an issue with the display units. You can download the new update via the downloads section on our forum as linked in the first post above.

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    Is there any chance of updating this mod to the current version of AC? The version used for building FMOD banks has changed, which results in the engine no longer producing any sound on any modded cars that have not been updated, and the section regarding aero has been changed as well.

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    v0.95 has been released and first post has been updated. Enjoy!

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    Nice one. Will test this out a bit later.

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