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Thread: Any news?

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    Any news?

    Hi, I don have any news for that development, In the previous forum had news on how and when it started + - , and had an explanatory post on the types of donations, etc. In this there is nothing, and I do not know if I donated for instance something has been done or not, Thanks

    sorry for bad english.

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    Greetings Lebuz,

    The WRS development is still in stage 1: prototype stage which is nearing completion. Once it is completed we will be showcasing it to interested investors to acquire the financial backing we need to develop the full game. We have thought of opening a campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo in the very near future so stay tuned. If you could provide me the username you used in the old forum, I can check the records if you have donated, I will then get in touch with you privately. We hold records of the past donators in order to keep them up to date, some have not re-registered on our new forums yet either.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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    Thanks Petros, its the same, lebuz
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    How's WRS development doing? I've heard somewhere that WRS is in beta now. Is that true?

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