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Thread: Personalizing the Past in Your History Research Paper

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    Personalizing the Past in Your History Research Paper

    Personalizing the Past in Your History Research Paper

    To the delight of many students, history is one of those subjects that provide numerous opportunities for self-expression. Instead of dreading the deadline of your history research paper, you can turn the writing process with into an exciting journey into the past events.

    Your creative interpretation of historical facts is what makes the history research paper unique. Additionally, apart from personal satisfaction it allows you to score a high grade in your class!

    What makes writing your history research paper both enjoyable and fruitful? Quality planning and allowing yourself enough time. Sleepless nights just before the deadline will benefit neither your health nor your research paper in history. Therefore make sure you have enough time for the following major stages in writing your history research paper:

    Stage 1: Finding the Topic
    How many times have you wondered what on earth you should write about? Unless assigned by your professor, the topic for your history research paper can be simply anything from our enormous past. But that is way too general, so keep to a simple scheme:

    Define the general area of interest for you personally, e.g. the Second World War.
    Narrow it down to more specific details you want to focus on, e.g. the weapons.
    Formulate the question of your history research paper combining the general and the specific, e.g. The role of weapons in the decisive battles of the Second World War.

    Stage 2: Researching the Literature
    At this stage of writing a history research paper the following applies:

    Find relevant secondary sources and work out the concurrences and the controversies.
    Take a stand in the scientific debate.
    Research the primary sources that provide evidence for your point.
    Stage 3: Writing the Paper
    When laying out the results of your study in a history research paper, do not forget the following:

    State the problem and your hypothesis.
    Provide coherent and fallacy-free arguments to support your ideas.
    Follow the general Essay Help rules of research paper writing.
    Following these simple guidelines will facilitate your work on a history research paper.
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