Payroll is the total amount the company pays to its employees in a period. Any business needs to pay all its employees accurately and on time. However, it can be a tedious task for small and medium businesses. With the lack of time and often due to lack of knowledge, businesses pay wrong amounts, leading to employee dissatisfaction and penalties from the government. Payroll is a particularly time-consuming activity, from mapping timesheets to preparing employee payslips, salary, and superannuation; it is a task best handled by experts. An effective payroll management system is a must for every business.

At Whiz Consulting, we transform the payroll processing administration for your business with a cost-effective and scalable solution. Our payroll outsourcing services permit you to give accountability for managing the payroll and taxation processes to specialists with ample resources to track the situation and perform accordingly. We will assist you in setting up a payroll management system that is perfect for your organisation in compliance with your human resource policy and Single Touch Payroll.