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Thread: Migratory processes

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    Migratory processes

    Hello, if you are looking or want to carry out an immigration process in the United States, click on my signature. We are here to serve you.

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    I can tell my story of how I learned English that I can recommend personally from my own experience. Let's go! When I decided to move to Australia, of course, the first thing I encountered was that I didn't know English. I mean, I thought I knew him, but in fact, I knew him on such a level that "London is the capitol of Gray Britain," like. That is, I did not know at all. What did I do? I just started looking for a tutor to work with. Fortunately, I managed to find, girl, she graduated from university, English, French, and she trained me well, very hard. She gave me a lot of homework, I probably did homework from three to five hours every day, every day for the first three months of classes. I probably wrote 12 or 14-page notebooks a week - purely homework. Plus she gave me a book, I read it. I wrote down all the unknown words in my dictionary. You can't even imagine how many unknown words there were. It was very difficult for me to read. Plus we watched the series "Friends" in English. There are twenty-minute series. We analyzed them in detail. As a result, the analysis of one series took, probably, an hour, an hour and a half, that is, stopped, twisted many times. The series was in English with English subtitles. It was difficult, of course, to listen first, and not stupidly read the subtitles. I listened to the phrases all the time, something was not clear - I listened several times, then read the subtitles to understand how the phrases are spoken. The only thing is that the series is American, and in Australia the accent is Australian, they are really different. What happened next? Then this is a girl, she found a full-time job, and, unfortunately, I could no longer work with her. I was looking for a teacher, tutors. I found a school where English was taught, I went there 4 times a week. And then one day I decided to take a few classes online. And it suited me very well! There is a wonderful service, where more than 50 thousand tutors from different countries are registered, all of them are native speakers. And this is the most important thing when learning spoken English.

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