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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Robin Schippers, just call me Rob and I'm going to become a new member of Mak-Corp, probably mostly in the graphics section of modding. I'm 20 years old, a graphic student and I'd live in The Netherlands. I'm looking forward working with everyone, having lots of fun and above all; Learn a lot and become part of one of the greatest modding groups on this planet.

    Feel free to add me on facebook (, to add me on Skype (fietspomp17) or just to write me a PM or to write something here below!

    Kind regards,


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    Hey Rob, welcome to the team, look forward to working with you.

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    Welcome Rob, I'm sure that I will really enjoy your work !

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    Thanks for the welcomes, I'm honoured to be part of this organization from now on.

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    Welcome Rob...

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    Welcome to the team Robin, hope you enjoy being part of us

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    I definitely will, I'm looking forward to work with this team for a long long time.

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    I'll catch up with you on skype during the week, have been quite busy finalizing some stuff over the past week.

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    Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated. UFASLOTบนมือถือ

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    Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

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