The MAK-Corp Certified Leagues system is designed to help promote not only MAK-Corp, but also all the online racing leagues using our mods to the community. Applying to become a Certified League can be done by copying, pasting and filling out the Application Form below. A league MUST be a Certified League in order to run our mods. Any league found to be running our mods and not be Certified will be reported to their hosts and other such authorities.

Application Form:
League Name: (type your full league name here).
League URL: (type the full web address for your league website or forums if you don't run a website).
League Admin/Rep Email: (The email address of the league administrator or representative assigned to apply. Payment details will be sent to this email for pay to play leagues).
League Country: (Country where servers are located. This is used to let a user know if the league runs servers in a country that will provide them a good connection to join the league).
P2P League: (Yes or No answer. Yes = Your league is pay to play, No = Your league is not pay to play. If you have a combination, please provide further details).
League Banner: (please provide a link or attach your league banner here. League Banners must be exactly 480x80 pixels).

Pricing is determined by the P2P League status. If your league is a free to play league, you can become a certified league for free. If your league is a pay to play league that charges a race or season admission fee to your players to play in a category that runs one of our mods, than your costs for becoming a Certified League is 50 Euro per year (where our mods are being used in a pay to play platform). If your league has pay to play categories using other mods and uses our mods only in a free to play environment, please let us know and your application will be FREE. MAK-Corp does check leagues and evaluates them for submission as well as accuracy in the application form submission. We put a lot of work in our mods and we feel pay to play leagues that use our mods for a pay to play format can also contribute to our team for using our work.

Free to Play Leagues: Free (Unlimited mod usage).
Pay to Play Leagues: 50 Euro per year (Unlimited mod usage).

All payments are made via Paypal. Applicant Admin/Rep email will be emailed with payment details once approved.

Certified League Benefits:
As a MAK-Corp Certified League you will acquire a number of benefits that are not generally given to the general public in the same time frame as they are to Certified Leagues. MAK-Corp's desire is to provide you with the best mods for your league to run and for your community to enjoy. MAK-Corp will promote leagues in our special Certified Leagues page as well as at events we attend around the world where the promotion of leagues is applicable. We hope this will help strengthen your communities with additional members that will help leagues grow well into the future.

Certified Leagues will...
  • Acquire Templates for vehicles of mods they use.
  • Be allowed to change templates of any and all vehicles.
  • Be allowed to change physics and other elements of the mods to suit their league.
  • Be allowed to change the mod name to suit their league naming requirements.
  • Be allowed to post a download of their mod on the League Website.
  • Have early access to new upcoming mods (League Admin or League Representatives will only get this access and must sign a Confidentiality Agreement).
  • Have MAK-Corp support for any problems that arise with any of the MAK-Corp mods.

Certified Leagues must...
  • Provide a 480x80 pixel banner of their league to be used on the Certified Leagues page.
  • Place MAK-Corp logo's on their loading screens (only on our mod categories).
  • Place a MAK-Corp logo on their partners/sponsors section or front page.
  • Not post league version mod downloads to any third party websites like the ISI forums, Assetto Corsa forums and/or rFactorcentral.
  • Not use our mods in conjuction with any illegal conversion content.
  • Not use any illegal conversions from other games throughout their entire league.
  • Not claim ownership of MAK-Corp mods or misrepresent MAK-Corp in any way.
  • Update MAK-Corp should the league change its web URL or Closes or becomes Free to Play or Pay to Play.

Certified Leagues found to be in breach of the items specified in the "Certified Leagues must" section above will be consulted to review the extent of the breach and may have their Certified League status revoked. MAK-Corp reserves the right to revoke a Certified League at any time it deems a breach has been made.

Early Access area and Confidentiality Agreements:
To acquire access to the Early Access area, League Admins and/or their assigned Representative will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. The person will be required to be over the age of 18 and will need to provide a scan copy of identification that shares the same details as those placed on the Confidentiality Agreement. Access to the Early Access section will not be permitted to any persons that are not over the age of 18 and who have not provided the Confidentiality Agreement with the right identification as required.

Should the League Admin and/or Representative change at any time. MAK-Corp must be notified immediately and the newly appointed Admin/Representative must sign a Confidentiality Agreement and provide Identification to continue having access to the Early Access area.

All information gathered by MAK-Corp via the Confidentiality Agreement process will be held strictly confidential by MAK-Corp legal representatives and will not be shared with ANY MAK-Corp employees nor any third parties. MAK-Corp reserves the right to provide such information to relevant authorities should a member breach the MAK-Corp Confidentiality Agreement at any time where the breach is deemed to have caused harm to MAK-Corp financially and/or otherwise.

Other Info:
Leagues must ensure they keep MAK-Corp up to date if their league website URL changes or if they close down or if they turn to Free to Play or Pay To Play changing their original status. This helps MAK-Corp ensure that all league info in our Certified Leagues page is correct.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to ask.