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Thread: Members with 0 Posts (PLEASE READ!)

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    Members with 0 Posts (PLEASE READ!)

    As of the September 1st, 2014, MAK-Corp forums will be deleting any members with 0 posts. As we do get a few spambots and even individuals who sign up with bogus names and place links in the profiles, we are looking to root out any and all non used accounts. If you make at least 1 post on these forums, your account will never be deleted. Please bear in mind that the first post does go into moderation and won't appear until it has been approved.

    I urge any members who have yet to make at least 1 post to do so because the system will automatically delete accounts with 0 posts. Don't fall through the cracks. If you have registered on the last day of the month, I suggest posting immediately. Failing to do so may see your account deleted on the following day which would be the first day of the new month.

    This account checking and deletion system will be done only once per month, on the first day of each month.

    Thank you!

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    I`d better make a post then...

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    Hehe yes. Bear in mind you do not have to make a post per month. As long as your account has 1 post or above in total, it won't be deleted. And since you've made your post now, its all good for you.

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    (Post #2 now )

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    tjc, add screens next time

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    Well then, better make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koen Calleyl View Post
    tjc, add screens next time
    lol... we actually don`t have a screenie thread yet...

    (Hint hint Petros...)

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    um, I made screenshot and video threads for each game. I thought instead of having it in the mods section, I'd have it in the individual games board. If you guys would also like it in the mods sections, let me know and will add it.

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    Ahh right, I never noticed that now...

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    one man's post
    could be a pole

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