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Thread: Screenshots Thread

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    Screenshots Thread

    Share your screenshots here. From MAK-Corp mods to other mods, feel free to share all your screens in this thread.

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    That's looking really good mate! Btw, now that your first post has been approved, your future posts will automatically appear once posted

    Great work so far mate!

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    Brilliant work Patrik! I've been following the progress on this car on VR closely. Top notch modelling work!

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    this is coming along nicely and looks great Patrik

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    These are from way old builds guys but thought I`d post them anyway... I`m up to date with AC but away from my sim rig atm but will post more recent screens on my return.

    Assetto Corsa 0.3
    by tjc - Sim Screens, on Flickr

    Assetto Corsa 0.3
    by tjc - Sim Screens, on Flickr

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