Seasons greetings everybody. We are happy to release today v0.81 of the Group C mod for rFactor 2. Please take some time to read this full article as we are also releasing this mod on STEAM for the very first time and there are a few things you need to know before downloading. v0.81 brings a number of changes to the mod with a number of fixes, updates and new sounds. A full changelog can be found further down in this article. Furthermore, there are also two PDF's included in the archive, one is the mod overview pdf and the other is the manual pdf. For Steam Users, please check the mod description in steam workshop to get the download links.

For STEAM users who are using v0.80, please remember to uninstall v0.80 before subscribing to v0.81 on STEAM. Not doing so could provide bugs and issues in running v0.81 efficiently.

For non Steam users, you can download the mod via the Group C page located HERE

Steam users, please check the rF2 Workshop and subscribe to the mod there.

v0.81 Changelog

  • Fixed skinning not working with raw files, remake the folder again and it will now work.
  • Graphical updates and fixes.
  • Class names corrected.
  • UI Menu pics redone.
  • Physics Updates
  • Mod Manual updated, please read.

Both Cars

  • Sounds Updated.
  • Revised suspension geometry.
  • Front downforce now has two positions. A new low downforce setting for high speed tracks with previous drag and a second setting with almost the original downforce level but with more drag than before. All this makes the cars more balanced in all types of tracks.
  • Cars bottoming solved.
  • Tyre wear and heating revised.
  • Engine heat revised.


  • Increased torque curve at low RPM to work better with the turbo engagement. The rear of the car is now more loose and this helps to make tyre wear more balanced (previously the front tyres used to wear too fast).


  • Now there are two boost settings as in real life. Save and Fast. Save setting cuts 500 RPM from the engine keeping the previous fuel usage. Fast setting gives all the previous RPM range and power but uses 8% more fuel.