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Thread: Group C v0.79 Released

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    Group C v0.79 Released

    We are happy to announce the release of v0.79 of the 1991 Group C mod for rFactor 2. v0.79 brings new content and improvements to the mod with the release of the Porsche 962C which has been added to the mod as of this version. Re-worked physics done by Damian Baldi on both the Mazda 787B and the Porsche 962C bring a new realistic feel to these cars. There have also been various graphical improvements for this version of the mod and we hope you will all enjoy it.

    We would like to thank the entire team that worked hard on this version as well as our beta testers who provided valuable feedback during testing that allowed us to get these vehicles sorted for release sooner.

    We'd also like to announce that we are including a new mirror on our download links. We will now also be offering Rapidgator download mirrors for those of you who use that platform. All other mods will have rapidgator links added to them over the coming week.

    v0.79 Changelog

    ADDED: Porsche 962C
    ADDED: Various Graphical Enhancements
    ADDED: Group C Overview Document detailing info on the vehicles in the mod and setting them up.
    REWORK: Physics for Mazda 787B and Porsche 962C
    FIXED: Various graphical bugs

    DOWNLOAD: You can find the download links on the mod page located HERE

    We hope you all enjoy!

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    I thought the previous version of the Mazda was perfect. You guys made it even better, thank You for that. Thank You for adding a second car that is just as good.

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    Congrats MAK and friends on getting the mod out.
    I'd been monitoring your site off and on for any news.
    I'll download and try it later this evening after work.
    We finished the 962 restoration and the car is now back in the hands of a very happy owner.
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