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Thread: I might be addicted!

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    I might be addicted!

    Hi there, I just wanted to pop in and let you know how much I appreciate this mod!
    The last 4 weeks I've been driving all sorts of open wheelers and whilst they are all amazing, this mod has me coming back over and over.

    A few tracks I've tested need minor AI adjustments but I'm experiencing racing as close to real life as I've ever experienced off track.
    Following the EuroF3 championship has helped get me in the mood and experiencing RBR/Hockenheim/Most/Hungaroring/etc an having the AI as close to life like as I could wish for has spurred me on to spend time creating a custom championship.

    You've made something that instead of putting a few hours into, I can see myself driving for months, or longer! For that I pass on my sincere thanks

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    These guys do top notch work, no doubt about that.

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