Hi guys firstly id like to thank you Mak guys for making such awesome mods for these games! Cant waite to see more stuff for AC as i play that mainly!

Now im a pixel car artist, and the crew im currently with are making alot of F1 cars right now.

The way pixel cars work is we make a Front View, Side View and Rear View kinda like a blueprint.

Firstly the outline of the car and then the actual shading.

Now i have a friend whos making the 2007 Ferrari, we use alot of 3D images for seing the shapes of the cars better.

Now can someone from Mak-Corp make a front view, side view and rear view of the 2007 Ferrari were the car has the same size in every picture. with front wing and rear wing present? It would be a great help to us.

Example of a Pixel car