• Forums are back online!

    Greetings fellow MAK-Corp members. Welcome back to our official forums. As most of you no doubt know, we have been working on our forums this past week due to various problems that occurred with the old forums. Our forums are now back and complete. All members should have received an email to reset your passwords. If you didn't get this email, please contact us via the contact us link on the bottom right of the webpage.

    As you will see the forum has some new areas. While the forum look is pretty much the exact same as the old forums, we now have the Dev Blog section which will be used to showcase development news and info over time.

    The Events Calendar section is a brand new area to be utilized not only by MAK-Corp to show off when the community can expect new mods or mod updates or other events, but it will also allow Certified League representatives to post league race events that the community here can see and join. A guide on how to use it will be available in the coming days.

    The Certified Leagues section will show off all MAK-Corp Certified Leagues. If you are looking for a league to join, then be sure to check the section out to see what leagues exist in the community that are also MAK-Corp Certified Leagues.

    You may also be aware that our website is currently down and redirects to our DevBlog/Forums. This is temporary as we work to update our website also. New things are coming and this was the pivotal time for MAK-Corp to make these changes. We hope you will be patient as it occurs and hope you will enjoy what is to come. We thank you for your support and look forward to see you all enjoy the goodies we have in store for you.

    Be sure to stay tuned!