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Petros Mak
27-07-2014, 05:09 AM
2010 Renault Mégane RS N4
By Stephane Roy

Original 3D by Roysteph (e-mail: roysteph@hotmail.fr)
Integration, Textures & Skin by Roysteph
Physics by MrHorsepower & Fabynou
Sound by Nanamitatsuki


The 2010 Renault Megane RS N4 Rally Car is created by MAK-Corp's Lead Richard Burns Rally Modeler Stephane Roy. Released previously on Rallyesim we now provide an alternative download through our site thanks to Stephane Roy.


http://forum.mak-corp.com.au/my_imgs/buttons/mediafire_button.png (http://www.mediafire.com/download/8wycci8x1o69si5/Megane_N4.rar) (42mb)


Notice: Follow these instructions and read everything here before you start asking questions. The chances are that you will find the answer here. Readme is also included with the downloaded files.

1. Paste the "Megane_N4" folder in "...\Richard Burns Rally\Cars", where the game is installed.

2. Open "cars.ini" located in the same "Cars" folder and scroll down to this section:

FileName = "Cars\IMPREZA03\impreza03.sgc"
IniFile = "Cars\IMPREZA03\impreza03.ini"
ShaderFile = "Cars\IMPREZA03\impreza03_shaders.ini"
ShaderSettings = "Cars\IMPREZA03\impreza03_shader_settings"
TexturePath = "Cars\IMPREZA03\Textures"

Change that to this:

FileName = "Cars\Megane_N4\Megane_N4.sgc"
IniFile = "Cars\Megane_N4\Megane_N4.ini"
ShaderFile = "Cars\Megane_N4\Megane_N4_shaders.ini"
ShaderSettings = "Cars\Megane_N4\Megane_N4_shader_settings"
TexturePath = "Cars\Megane_N4\Textures"

Save the file and close it.

You don't have to replace the RBR Subaru Impreza 2003. You can replace any car you want by just overwrite another section in the "cars.ini". Before you do step 3 you will also need to open the "Physics" folder in this package and change the name of the "s_i2003" folder to:

"c_xsara" if you replace the Citroen Xsara T4 (Car00)
"h_accent" if you replace the Hyundai Accent WRC (Car01)
"mg_zr" if you replace the MG ZR Super1600 (Car02)
"m_lancer" if you replace the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7 WRC (Car03)
"p_206" if you replace the Peugeot 206 WRC 1999 EvoI (Car04)
"s_i2003" if you replace the Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 (Car05)
"t_coroll" if you replace the Toyota Corolla WRC (Car06)
"s_i2000" if you replace the Subaru Impreza WRC 2000 (Car07)

3. Open the physics.rbz file of your RBR directory with WinRAR (or WinZIP). Then search the s_i2003 folder inside it and delete it. Now grab the new s_i2003 folder (included with the car) there. Close WinRAR (or WinZIP), it will save the physics.rbz automatically.

4. Play the game!

If you have any troubles we recommend to try the
» Index of forum
» Support Logiciel : Richard Burns Rally & RSRBR 2010 section of the forum at http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=5

There should be answers to most questions already but otherwise just ask.

Special thanks to:

Nanamitatsuki, MrHorsepower, Fabynou, Rom206, Garyson & Rallyesim


Neither MAK-Corp, Stephane Roy nor Rallyesim are responsible for any harm caused to your computer by downloading or using this mod.

* This car is not for profit, all trademarks are copyrights of their respective owners.
* Please do NOT modify this model or redistribute any part of it without the permission of Stephane Roy & MAK-Corp.
* You are allowed to make new skins (textures) for this car, but do not include non-modified files from this package in any release.