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Petros Mak
27-07-2014, 06:39 AM
Champcar 05-08 v1.0

Descripion: The Champcar 05-08 mod for RACE07 is a conversion project done from the original rFactor version of the mod developed by iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php). The RACE07 version features four seasons of the Champcar Series with the vehicle models, drivers and liveries that took part in the four seasons of the CART Series. The conversion is done with permission from iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) and adds all the nice RACE07 extras like custom skinning, disc glow, fresnel shaders, and RACE07 Animations.

The 2008 Season while intended to be run by the series didn't materialize after the series went broke, iDT however made the vehicles that would take place in the 08 championship should that season have gone ahead, this is also added to the RACE07 version for all of you to enjoy.


RACE07 video game. (Can be purchased through STEAM. Visit game page by clicking HERE (http://store.steampowered.com/app/8660/?snr=1_7_suggest__13))
Can also be run through the GTR Evolution and STCC: The Game expansions.


4 Seasons of the Champcar Series, 2005 to 2008 respectively.
All Vehicle models.
All Drivers between four seasons.
Public Edition with Online Capabilities.
STEAM and Retail DVD compatible with all three titles/expansions.
Multiple tire compounds including wets and texture transition.


The mod has a ClassID of 126 (CHAMPCAR 2005) , 127 (CHAMPCAR 2006), 128 (CHAMPCAR 2007) and of 129 (CHAMPCAR 2008). The ModelIDís in use are 72 (CHAMPCAR 2005), 73 (CHAMPCAR 2006), 74 (CHAMPCAR 2007), 75 (CHAMPCAR 2008).

Due to the issue of having limited Model ID's, these may well conflict with existing mods. There are sim racing managers which can help keep you mismatch free.


http://forum.mak-corp.com.au/my_imgs/buttons/mediafire_button.png (http://www.mediafire.com/download/rki61f0zakyww40/Champcar_05-06-07-08_v1.0.rar) (224mb)

To install this mod on steam, you will need to download and extract the mod to a temporary location. Then copy the contents to the STEAM directory listed below.
For 64bit Windows = C:\Program Files (X86)\Steam\steamapps\username\race 07
For 32bit Windows = C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\race 07
NOTE! You might receive a window popup asking if you wish to overwrite. You MUST select YES! Do not worry, this does not overwrite any of the original game items, instead it adds the mod menu icons to the game. This does not change the game menu layout or style, or any other mod/game related menu icon, it just adds the CART icons.

Copyright Notice:

The 3D Car models, Helmet models, 2D Car Textures, Other 2D Textures, Sound files, Physic files and any other files that make up this RACE07 version of this mod are owned by iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) with conversion rights given to MAK-Corp. All content in this mod must not be used without permission from MAK-Corp. The RACE07 version of this mod will be maintained, updated and supported solely by MAK-Corp.

Terms of Use:

All those who wish to use this mod for Racing League, Lan Event or Corporate Events must be a MAK-Corp approved league or license owner. This can be acquired via our event sign up page located HERE.

Mod Credits:

RACE07 Version:

Petros Mak - Executive Producer
Stephen Young - Entire Conversion Process, Testing
Guy Moulton - Beta Tester
Marcus Dillon - Beta Tester

rFactor Version:

DP01 Model: Corey Avery. Mappings by Mike Peters, Doug Lynch. BBS rims donated by Mike Peters/PAQUITO, adapted by Doug Lynch. Rear wing modifications by Doug Lynch. T-Cam Models by Mike Peters/Doug Lynch.
Panoz Pace Car: ISI.
Steering Wheels: Modified from our 05/06 mod by Doug Lynch.
Physics: Former iDT members Dave Purdy and Randy Stratton, Martijn Top.
Liveries/Helmets: Omar "OGRacer" Gonzalez, Mike Peters, Andy Stankiewicz, Doug Lynch, Maurice Wijma, Andre Borell, Shmeel53.
Spinner Tech Rig: Bob @ Team Players
Testing, support and feedback: Marcelo Barrio, Vincent Cebalos, Richard Chmielewski, Grant Bradley, BenL, and all other iDT members.


Champcar, the Champcar Logos, vehicles, sponsor logos are all owned by their respective owners. MAK-Corp does not claim to have any affiliation, ownership or license to these entities. This mod is created as a FREE mod to showcase the artistic skills of the digital artists involved in making this mod possible. Please respect the rules and regulations governed by the entities above and do not use their intellectual property for any commercial purposes without license.


MAK-Corp would like to thank iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) for allowing this conversion to be done by MAK-Corp. We are proud and honored to be partnered with iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) and to provide one of the greatest rFactor mods available to the RACE07 community. Be sure to lend your support to iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) via their website.

http://forum.mak-corp.com.au/my_imgs/links/idta.jpg (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php)