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Petros Mak
27-07-2014, 06:34 AM
Cart Indycar 1994/1995 v1.1
rFactor version by iDT Simulations.
RACE 07 version by MAK-Corp.


No one can argue that two of the best seasons in Indycar racing and AOWR history were 94 and 95 seasons. For those who might not know, these cars had v6 turbo charged engines, over 800 HP, top speeds of 240 m/h and raced in every type of track, road courses, temporary courses, ovals, super speedways an the mighty Indianapolis 500 race.

Originally this was only a 95 mod, but since we ended up also modelling the 94 Lola and Reynard chassis, we decided to paint most of the 94 cars as well.


This mod is a faithful conversion of the original with all the nice Race 07 extras added like custom skinning, discglow, backfire and original rFactor sound to name a few. This mod is also suitable for use in the dedicated server. Permission for the conversion was given by IDT Simulations and the mod has been approved for public release.

Please note if you wish to race each year exclusively, you MUST use the car filter.
Due to a lack of technical data there will only be dry tyres used in this series, although there is a generic wet handling profile in each compound provided.


The mod has a ClassID of 196 (CART 1994) and ClassID of 197 (CART 1995). The ModelIDís in use are 237 (Lola 1994), 238 (Penske 1994), 239 (Reynard 1994), 240 (Lola 1995), 241 (Menard 1995), 242 (Penske 1995) and 243 (Reynard 1995).

Due to the issue of having limited Model ID's, these may well conflict with existing mods. There are sim racing managers which can help keep you mismatch free.

Change log:


Fixed Steering Animation so hand movement suits the steering wheel better.
Slight repositioning of steering wheels and driver hands positions on the steering wheels.
Adjusted Force Feedback Aggressiveness.
Added new tire compounds (Soft, Medium, Hard, Wets), with texture transition between dry and wets.
Slight seating adjustments.
Fixed vehicles that were running incorrect tires.
Balanced wet data in dry compound tires.
Wet tire textures added.


First release.


http://forum.mak-corp.com.au/my_imgs/buttons/mediafire_button.png (http://www.mediafire.com/download/biav88v23kfofa8/CART_Indycar_94-95_v1.1.rar) (207mb)


The steam installation is normally located here;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\race 07 - for 64bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\race 07 - for 32bit Windows

Extracting to a temporary location and then copying or moving the content is far less likely to cause any issues too.

NOTE: You need to delete the GameData/Teams/CART_Indycar folder in the v1.0 install before installing v1.1.


Credits go to the original authors of the rFactor mod by iDT Simulations and itís team members. MAK-Corp would like to thank iDT Simulations, its members and its management for allowing the creation of the RACE07 conversion via MAK-Corp for the community to enjoy.

Painted an insane amount of skins, helmets and suits: ChiefWiggum and Grant Bradley
Car modelling, templates, exporting gM materials and physics tweaking: Marcelo Barrio
Physics development: Martijn Top
Made Cleveland track and testing: Doug Lynch
Painted the Menards cars and helped me tweaking stuff: Mike Peters
Testing and fixing a few bugs: Vincent Ceballos
Testing: Maurice Wijma, Jeff stibling, Ryan Field, Peo Forsberg, Tim Mertens, Andy Stankiewicz and Richard Chmielewski

Race 07 conversion: Liquid4653
Race 07 Wet Tire Textures and tire compound updates: Derek Nye
Race07 Testing: Guy Moulton(Guybo), Marcus Dillon(Lem) and Liquid4653

RACE07 Version Copyright ©2013 MAK-Corp:

The 3D Car models, Helmet models, 2D Car Textures, Other 2D Textures, Sound files, Physic files, and any other files that make up this RACE07 version of this mod are owned by iDT Simulations with conversion rights given to MAK-Corp. All content in this mod must not be used without permission from MAK-Corp. The RACE07 version of this mod will be maintained, updated and supported by MAK-Corp solely.

Terms of Use:

Those who wish to use this mod for racing leagues or in any method where content is published on their websites must abide by these following rules. In addition, any corporate companies or entities wishing to use this mod for any corporate events must contact us using the Contact Us link on www.mak-corp.com.au (http://www.mak-corp.com.au).

Racing Leagues using this mod must be Certified MAK-Corp Leagues and listed in the Certified Leagues List.
Racing Leagues are permitted to change Physics, Cams, Engines, Vehicle names, Liveries, loading screens to suit their league but MUST retain the MAK-Corp and IDT Simulations logo on loading screens.
Racing Leagues may change the mod name to the racing league name but must still retain MAK-Corp as the creator of the RACE07 version of this mod.
Racing Leagues MUST ONLY post their league version of this mod on the league website. Leagues may not post it on third party websites to be rated like rFactorcentral etc.
3D Models and any other content of this mod CANNOT be used in any third party mods without express prior permission. Please use the Contact Us section to enquire for permissions.
This mod must not be used in any way that benefits any party with financial income unless that income is used to give out prizes to their league members.
Corporate entities that wish to use this mod in special function events and have a usage licence supplied by Simbin may freely use this mod at their events. If no usage licence has been granted for any of the above games, please contact us to enquire on how to get one.

Disclaimer: CART, Indycar, the CART and Indycar Logos, vehicles, sponsor logos are all owned by their respective owners. MAK-Corp does not claim to have any affiliation, ownership or license to these entities. This mod is created as a FREE mod to showcase the artistic skills of the digital artists involved in making this mod possible. Please respect the rules and regulations governed by the entities above and do not use their intellectual property for any commercial purposes without license.


MAK-Corp would like to thank iDT Simulations (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php) for allowing this conversion to be done by MAK-Corp. We are proud and honored to be partnered with iDT Simulations and to provide one of the greatest rFactor mods available to the RACE07 community. Be sure to lend your support to iDT Simulations via their website.

http://forum.mak-corp.com.au/my_imgs/links/idta.jpg (http://www.idtsimulations.com/index.php)